To say the performances achieved by the player’s this term have been incredible would be an understatement. The performances have resulted in a flood of coaching inquiries from parents wanting the same for their children so we thought we’d share some info about our coaching techniques, something we’ve never done before, in an effort to help more players and coaches.

One of the most common questions we receive is: “What makes the Cricket Academy different and how do your player’s perform so consistently?” 

In answering the first part, we’ll need to briefly dive into our coaching philosophy and our Six Points for Coaching Success:

  1. Every player must leave feeling better about themselves
  2. Build a relationship
  3. Only use positive language 
  4. Ask questions
  5. Sessions must be fun/enjoyable
  6. TCA Fundamental Skills Development

Now you’re probably thinking, as most people do, “Fundamental Skills Development is only number 6, but I’m sending my child to develop his cricket skills?”

The majority of coaches put all of their energy and effort into developing the technical skills of the player. This is done by highlighting what is wrong and constantly focusing on “fixing” problems. We see this approach as problematic as most of the time is spent breaking the players confidence by constantly highlighting what is wrong.

By placing our energy into the first 5 points, we create a positive, enjoyable environment that stimulates real learning and assists players to form habits that BOOST confidence and ACCELERATE Skills Development.

In answering the second part of the question, “How do our players perform so consistently?” Here, it is really important for parents and players to note that coaching is a process. There is no quick fix/silver bullet to long term success and consistent performances. The majority of the players who have performed consistently well this season are the players who trained throughout the winter. They put the hard work in and coupled with our CONFIDENCE BOOSTING coaching techniques and PROVEN FUNDAMENTALS they’ve achieved some incredible performances. How incredible?

Jono Bird (WP and SA U19) became the youngest player in the history of South African cricket to score a century on Senior Provincial debut in a limited overs match (List A). Jono is in Grade 11 and is U17. He also scored 51 on debut for SA U19 vs England and followed it up with 142* in the 2nd Youth ODI to be named Man of the Series. His scores this term have been: 117, 115, 104, 102*, 85, 83*, 83, 82, 71, 51, 51 

Neil Brand (Titans, Northerns and TUKS) made his debut for the Titans and posted a personal best First Class score of 159 for Northens. His last four scores for Northens in First Class matches have been 92, 85*, 159 and 72. His other scores this season have been 140 off 60 balls, 118* off 68 balls, 84, 80, 76, 55, 46*

Oliver Whitehead (SACS U13A and WP U13B) became the first player in the history of Cape Schools Week to score back to back hundreds. Oli scored 3 hundreds in a row in longer formats with scores of 100, 110 retired and 114*. He scored 95* for WP U13B chasing a target of 144.

Noah Heath (RBPS U11A) scored his 3rd century this year, 100 retired vs WBJS, his other scores have been 53*, 43*, 36*, 30*

Ethan MacGregor (RBPS U13A) has scored five half centuries this term including scores of 82, 63, 51, 52* and 53*

Tim Short (RBPS U10A) 56* and 6/14 vs WBJS, 50* and 4/6 vs Bishops, 42* vs WPPS, 35 and 3/4 vs Sweet Valley 

Armaan Trikam (Bishops U15B) has posted scores of 55, 51, 49 and 40

Personal Best Performances:

Stephen King (SACS U13B) scored a personal best 70 runs vs WBJS. He took 5 wickets vs RBPS in a T20, took 6 wickets and scored 60 runs vs Bishops, scored 45 runs vs Sweet Valley and took 5 wickets for WPPS!

Rishay Thakersee (Bishops U15B) scored 72 runs vs Groote Schuur and the following players all scored their first half centuries: Tom Jacobs (Bishops U13A), Nikola Augostatos (Bishops U13B), Hayden Blanckensee (Sweet Valley U10A). 

Zia Cassiem (SACS U10C) took 5/12 vs Bishops, Daniel Norman (Sweet Valley U13A) and Jack Whitaker (Bishops U14B) both scored personal bests of 47. William Moolman (Bishops U12C) took 5 wickets vs Sweet Valley and got promoted to the “B” team. 

Anyone can achieve performances like these, it doesn’t matter what team you play in or at what level. The mental and technical skills we develop with the players help them tap into their full potential and play at their best. This boosts confidence and most importantly ENJOYMENT of the game.

Valuable Life Skills:

The skills we coach, once learnt, are transferable to any situation in life (sports, work, arts,) and will help your child achieve success and enjoyment in whatever they choose to do, bringing them fulfillment and happiness.

If you’d like to find out more about our PRIVATE COACHING and how we can help you child improve their confidence, skills, consistency and ENJOYMENT, leave us your details below and we will be in touch.


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About Giovanni Colussi

Gio coaches players to tap into their full potential and seize big moments. He combines 21 years technical coaching experience working with players one on one with powerful mental skills that deliver lasting results and consistent performances

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