Do You Want a World Class Cricket Experience with Lasting Results?

At The Cricket Academy we want every Player we coach to experience the JOY of playing Cricket to their FULL POTENTIAL and for them to learn the valuable life lessons the game has to offer. 
We work with players of all abilities from beginners to Professionals. We treat all of them in the same way and care deeply about their development.


As Coaches, we have an incredible opportunity to impact the lives of the players we work with in an unbelievably positive way. Most coaches don’t realize the impact they can have and how long that impact can last. We do, and we want that impact to be life long, we want it to be positive and we want to help every Player we work with learn how to tap into their full potential using Cricket as the tool to do this.

There is no greater satisfaction than setting out to achieve a goal, coming up with a plan, working hard, developing new skills, growing a positive mindset and achieving the goal! We want every Player we coach to experience this satisfaction.

The skills and habits we form with the Players we coach are transferable and can be used to achieve success wherever they are applied in life. This is what drives us everyday, it’s the reason WHY we coach and it’s the reason WHY we care so much about our clients.


We coach our clients to tap into their full potential using our SIMPLE CRICKET approach where we form incredibly powerful and valuable habits and create a positive, fun and enjoyable environment in which real learning takes place.

So how do we do this with our clients? We do it by implementing the following in all of our sessions:

  1. Every player must leave feeling better about themselves
  2. Build a lasting relationship
  3. Only use positive language and praise effort
  4. Ask Questions (Coach through questions and encourage the asking of questions)
  5. Sessions must be fun/enjoyable
  6. The Cricket Academy Proven Fundamentals

Now you’re probably thinking, as most people do, “Proven fundamentals is only number 6, but I’m coming to develop cricketing skills?”

The majority of coaches don’t coach. They put all of their energy and effort into developing the technical skills of the player through instruction. This is done by highlighting what is wrong and constantly focusing on “fixing” problems. This approach is problematic as most of the time is spent breaking the players confidence by constantly highlighting what is wrong. This approach doesn’t deliver lasting results or empower players to grow.

By placing our energy into the first 5 points, we create a positive, fun and enjoyable environment that stimulates real learning and assists players to form habits that SKYROCKET CONFIDENCE and ACCELERATE Skills Development. 

By only using positive language and praising effort we create a positive environment in which the habits are formed to develop A POSITIVE and GROWTH MINDSET for the player. This habit becomes part of the player and they’ll begin to have a positive outlook on all aspects of life not just cricket.

Coaching through questions forms the habit of self awareness, accountability, the confidence to form solutions to problems and to try new things. When skills are developed in this way, lasting results are achieved as the player forms their own solution guided by us and based on our Proven Fundamentals. The habit of self reflecting, taking responsibility for your actions, asking questions when you are unsure and forming solutions to problems is incredibly valuable and can be used to achieve success anywhere in life, not just cricket. This process empowers playersskyrockets confidence and eliminates self doubt.


We coach Cricketers to tap into their FULL POTENTIAL so they can SCORE MORE RUNS and TAKE MORE WICKETS through accelerated improvements in CONFIDENCE and TECHNIQUE while ELIMINATING SELF DOUBT.

We do this using our Our SIMPLE CRICKET approach, developed over 21 years, that combines drills proven to accelerate skills development with powerful mental tools and habits that deliver lasting results for our clients.

The habits and thought processes we coach can be used to achieve success, wherever they are applied in life.

We cater for players of all abilities, from beginners to professionals, through our various coaching programmes.



We are based at the World Class, Western Province Cricket Club in Cape Town. We have access to four indoor nets, 4 turf nets, four outdoor artificial nets and four cricket ovals, two of which are the most beautiful grounds in Cape Town, and we make use of the latest equipment including live video analysis and a speed gun.

We strive for quality in action, through respect, honesty, support, communication and trust, so as to build lasting relationships with our clients.


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