Getting to Know… Noah Heath

In this weeks “Getting to know… we’ll be spending some time with Noah Heath (Rondebosch Boys Prep U13A) and his Dad, Warren. Noah enjoyed an incredibly successful 2018 scoring 3 Hundred’s for the U11A’s. Since starting Private Coaching in 2016/2017 he has also scored 11 half centuries and gained selection to the RBPS U13A Team as a Grade 6.

Q&A with Noah Heath

Your name?  Noah James Heath

Nickname? “Heat”

Your school? RBPS

Your teams this season? RBPS U13A, RBPS U11A, Primrose Hub

What number do you bat? 1,2,3

What’s your favourite shot? Pull Shot

Who is your favourite cricketer? Kallis all time, Kholi as a current player

When did you join The Cricket Academy? 2016/17

Were there any specific areas of your game you wanted to improve? Front foot and drives

Have you improved since attending coaching? If so, how? Yes, my head is straight now and my grip has changed. 

What have you enjoyed about the coaching? Getting better at my game and to have fun. 

How would you compare your confidence levels? Before attending coaching and now? My confidence is much higher now. 

Tell us about your first 100? who was it against, what did you enjoy most about it? I made 136 against WPPS and remember hitting my now current teammate Dan for a 6 to bring it up. That 6 also hit my Grannies food. The feeling is so nice to get to 100

How many hundreds have you scored since starting coaching with us? 3

How many fifties? 11

“That 6 also hit my Grannies food. The feeling is so nice to get to 100”

What have your learnt from the coaching? I have learnt not to get irritated with myself and just to move on from your mistakes

How do you feel about your cricket now? I feel great now about my cricket and am really enjoying it.

Would you recommend us to your friends? If so what would you tell them? Yes, I would tell them you would improve your game and make the game more fun for them.

Any last advice or thoughts for other players? Just to keep going, follow your dreams and do what you love and to play the game. 

Q&A with Warren Heath

Warren, Tori and Noah Heath

How did you come to choose The Cricket Academy for extra coaching? I asked around and the Cricket academy came very highly recommended.

Describe your experience of the coaching? Brilliant. Great 1 on 1 sessions that not only focuses on the technical side but the mental approach as well. 

Why did you decide to send Noah for extra coaching? Noah showed a great deal of interest in cricket from a very young age and really shows the determination to want to grow as a cricketer, but there are only so many balls I could throw at him, and my cricket knowledge is limited, both from a technical and mental side, so the decision was made to rather send Noah for professional coaching. I’m happy to be his father for support and have a coach to work on his game.  

“I love the way the Cricket Academy makes the young players feel being part of a professional coaching setup.”

Have your expectations been met? Absolutely. Sometimes the smallest bit of advice makes the biggest difference, especially with Gio just a phone call away during tough spells to offer wisdom. 

Have you noticed an improvement in Noah’s confidence? Yes, definitely in his approach to an innings. The thought of getting out doesn’t even enter his mind when walking out to bat but more about field placements, where to score etc. it makes a huge difference in confidence. 

Has the coaching made a difference? Definitely. Noah has always been great at facing pace but struggled a little against spin. Since coaching I would say that he’s almost turned that around for facing spin to be a strength of his game now. 

Are there any aspects of our approach that stand out as being different? I love the way the Cricket Academy makes the young players feel being part of a professional coaching setup. I’ve seen work put in by top senior professionals and the work put in with the youngsters is no different.

Would you recommend The Cricket Academy to friends, if so, why? Definitely. To me it’s a great set up and enjoyable, and the results are there to be seen.

Any last thoughts or advice for other parents? Be there primarily as a parent first, offer support and comfort. Cricket is a tough and cruel game. Support is priceless. 

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