Getting to Know… Oli Whitehead

Today we’ll be chatting to Oli and his Dad, Andrew. They’ll share their experience of the coaching so far and the impact it has had both on and off the cricket field so you can get an insiders look into what it’s like to attend coaching at The Cricket Academy!

Oliver Whitehead enjoyed an incredibly successful summer after starting to train with us last Winter. Oli scored 4 Hundreds, which included back to back centuries at Cape Schools Week, becoming the first player in the history of the tournament to do so.

Oli scored 3 hundreds in the 4th term for SACS U13A and scored his 4th hundred of the summer for SACS U14A when he started high school in the 1st term. Oli has developed a Positive Growth Mindset and the work ethic it requires. The change in his approach to his cricket and level of maturity for his age has been phenomenal in such a short space of time.

My confidence has gone from a 4 out of 10 to a 9 out of 10

Q&A with Oliver Whitehead

Your name? Oliver Whitehead

Your school? SACS

Your teams this season?SACS U14A, SACS U13A and WP U13B

Who is your favourite cricketer? Tiger Woods haha mean AB de Villiers

What number do you bat?  Number 3

What’s your favourite shot? Cover Drive

What do you like to do when not playing cricket? Play Golf

How many years have you attended coaching? Since the age of 10

Best batting performance? Tell us a bit about it, and who it was against? 125 Not Out against Western Province Prep School. Played at WPPS and played a variety of shots. Assisted the team to score 276

How many hundreds/fifties have you scored? Have scored 8 Hundred’s and around 20 fifties

Oli in full flow playing his favourite shot, the cover drive!

How were you feeling about your cricket before starting training with us? I was feeling a little too technical and not freeing up in my shots

Were there any areas of your game you wanted to improve?  I wanted to improve on my driving

Have you improved since attending coaching with us? If so, how? Yes I have improved and technically getting better and my timing has improved as well as my mental approach has changed

What do you like about the coaching?  I always learn something new and something new to focus on.

Tell us a bit about your coach?  Gio is currently my coach and he has assisted me to improve my mental focus for games and helped me get to where I am now by focusing on the basics

How would you compare your confidence levels? Before attending coaching and now? My confidence has gone from 4 out of ten to a 9 out of 10.

What have you learnt from the coaching?  How to technically and mentally be more prepared

Did you adjust your thinking about the way you bat or is there any specific “aha” moment that it all clicked for you and you started to score more runs? I think I just adjusted my way of thinking through the coaching

The confidence Oli has gained has assisted him outside of cricket.

How do you feel about your cricket now? I feel confident when at the crease and my shot selection is better and free in my shots I play

Would you recommend us to your friends? If so what would you tell them? Yes I would. The coaches are very helpful and help on the technical side and get you in the right mind frame for matches

Most valuable piece of advice you received? How to stay mentally strong. I was not really focused all the time at the crease so to stay strong and mentally focused.

Q&A with Andrew Whitehead

Oli and his younger brother Luke have attended coaching with us since the start of the 2nd term last year. Andrew and Denise support the boys wholeheartedly and it’s evident to see how much the boys love their cricket.

How did you choose The Cricket Academy for extra coaching? We moved schools and had heard great things about The Cricket Academy and had seen some of the successes they had achieved with their players and liked the way the players always left the coaching arena always positive.

Why did you decide to send the boys for extra coaching? We wanted to extend the boys and believed that this could only be achieved with additional coaching.

Your experience of the coaching?  The sessions are run professionally and the children leave with a positive outlook

Have you noticed an improvement in confidence?  Yes most certainly so. The conversion rate from fifties to hundreds and the way Oliver builds an innings and is able to help teammates along is amazing

Has the coaching made an impact outside of cricket in anyway? Yes it has. The confidence that Oliver has gained through this coaching has assisted him outside of coaching.

Has the coaching been beneficial?  Yes we feel that it has been

Are there any aspects of our approach that stand out as different?Yes there are. The ability to concentrate on the basics and to get Oliver to leave a session in a positive manner. Oliver never leaves the session disappointed in himself or what he has learnt during that session.

Would you recommend The Cricket Academy to friends, if so, why? Yes we would most certainly. The Cricket Academy has great facilities and is professionally run as well as the coaches are supportive to the players.

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