Getting to Know… The Shorts

This is the second in a series of blogs called “Getting to Know…” in which we’ll interview some of the players we work with and their parents so you can get an insiders look into The Cricket Academy experience. Players and Parents will share their experiences, the benefits of the training, our approach and the impact it has had, not only on skills and performances but more importantly on confidence on and off field. 

Today we’ll be catching up with The Shorts. Older brother Matt and younger brother Tim both attend Rondebosch Boys Primary School. Matt bowls some ripping leg spin and Tim is a right handed number 3 batsman and left arm swing bowler! They attend a Shared Private Coaching session together. Parents Rich and Heidi will also answer some questions for the benefit of other parents.

Matt (right) and Tim Short (left)

Q & A with Matt and Tim Short

Your name?
Matthew Short, Tim Short

We’re both called “Shorty”!

Your school? Rondebosch Boys’ Prep

Your team?
Matthew U13A/B, Tim U11A Captain

Who is your favourite cricketer? Tim: Kane Williamson, Matthew: Rashid Khan

What number do you bat? 
Tim: 3, Matthew: 8 or 9

What’s your favourite shot?
Tim: the cover drive, Matthew: the cut or the pull

What do you bowl?
Tim: pace, Matthew: leg spin

I went from U10C to U11A!

                                                                                                                Matthew Short

How many years have you attended coaching?
4 years – we always attend our sessions together

Best bowling performance? Figures and against who? Tell us a bit about it?
Tim: 6 for 14 in 4.1 overs against Wynberg – it was great, I bowled my classic left-arm in-swingers onto leg stump, 5 of the wickets were bowled and one was LBW

Matthew: 5 for 32 in 15.3 against SACS – I was so happy to get my first fifer and we won the game.

How many 5 wicket hauls since starting coaching with us? 6fors or 7fors?
Tim: one 6fer, no hat-tricks yet but I’ve had four hat-trick balls, one of them was dropped!

Matthew: one fifer and a hat-trick for the first team

Were there any areas of your game you wanted to improve?
Tim: I just want to get that 100!,
Matthew: I always want to work on my fielding and batting

Have you improved since attending coaching? If so, how?
Tim: yes! Kyle Schreuder helped me so much during my first season playing hard-ball

I am more confident because I have scored so many runs and that’s because of extra time in the nets at coaching. Cricket is by far my favourite sport!

                                                                                                                Tim Short

What do you like about the coaching?

Tim: doing it with my brother

Matthew: ditto

How many fifties?

Tim: four

Matthew: none…yet

What have you learnt from the coaching?

Tim: to take my time and be patient at the crease

Matthew: that I can always improve

How do you feel about your cricket now?

Tim: I am more confident because I have scored so many runs and that’s because of extra time in the nets at coaching. Cricket is by far my favourite sport!

Matthew: I love cricket, it’s my favourite sport!

Would you recommend us to your friends? If so, what would you tell them?
Tim: definitely! You can never spend enough time in the nets!

Matthew: yes, I’d tell my friends that the coaches at The Cricket Academy really know what they’re talking about.

Q&A with Heidi and Richard Short

Something that’s really stood out over the years with the Shorts is how close the brothers are. Matt and Tim love their sessions together. Younger brother Johnny has just started to join them (he’s only 7) and he fits right in! There’s no bickering or disputes.

They encourage one another and there is a healthy bit of competitiveness in the nets which helps them improve.  Rich and Heidi have done a fantastic job with the boys.

How did you choose The Cricket Academy for extra coaching?

The boys were little and not yet getting “hard ball” practice or any net sessions at school.  They were cricket obsessed, and someone suggested sending them for a joint private session at The Cricket Academy, so that they could start getting some hard ball practice. It was a great move!

Your experience of the coaching?

The coaches have been committed, enthusiastic and very capable. The boys have been there since they were very little, and now their younger brother (7 years old) joins them often too, so the coaches are able to deal with boys of all ages.

Have you noticed an improvement in confidence?

They’ve always been pretty confident cricketers, but I’ve enjoyed seeing how, when they’ve had a bad game, they’re able to turn to their coaches for advice. Also, after their successes on the field, the first person they’ve wanted to call has been the coach!

Has the coaching had an impact outside of cricket in anyway?

It’s been great for their relationship as brothers to have this weekly session together to look forward to.

Would you recommend The Cricket Academy to friends, if so, why?

Absolutely! Just giving the kids more time in the nets, with one-on-one attention, is always so beneficial.

We’d like to thank the Shorts for taking the time to answer all of these questions and for sharing their experience with us.

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