Keys to Success in the Modern-Era with Paddy Upton

There are only a few days left to secure your seat at our second event with Paddy Upton. The first event was incredibly well received by all who attended.

Here is some of the feedback received from teachers, coaches and parents who attended:

“Thank you very much for organising such a wonderful initiative. Paddy was outstanding and he’s certainly given us quite a bit to think about and plot a change in the way things are currently done.” Grant Peacock HOD Sport Rondebsoch Boys Prep.

My Westerford colleagues and I found it most stimulating and challenging. Thanks to you, and to Paddy!” Steven Anderson, Deputy Principal Westerford High School

“Paddy is a wonderful speaker and presents his ideas and thoughts in a very powerful, insightful way. It was a privilege to hear the talk ……..It would be extremely useful for the heads of all the local schools to buy into this concept so that a unified approach can be taken.” Jacques, Parent (WPPS)

“…. It was fantastic, really enlightening and I just wish more of the coaches at my kid’s school could have been there to listen to a very powerful message!” Greg, Parent (Bishops Prep)

“….. it was a learning experience for our coaches but I think most of us got a lot more out of his talk than just assistance with coaching ideas but also learning from his experiences.  His passion for improved coaching techniques and holistic approach was for me an inspiration.” Lisa MacKenzie, General Manager/Golf Specialist at SA Golf Institute

Paddy shares some incredibly powerful insights that can have a huge impact on the development of young people, not just in sport but in life too. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to interact with Paddy for a fraction of the cost of his commercial rate. This event is a community offering to start a positive change in the way we support young people.

If you’d like to join us on our journey to effect a positive change in the way we support young sports people you can secure your seats by following the below link:

We hope to see you on Monday!


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