The Benefits of Winter Training

Reflecting and analyzing the past season plays a crucial role in development

With the end of yet another successful season for players at The Cricket Academy now is the time to reflect and plan for the next season, identifying areas that need improvement and putting a training plan in place to facilitate this.

The winter months present a unique opportunity to make huge gains in technique, skill level and game plans.


Academy players who train through the winter far out perform those who don’t. Why is this?

During the winter months, you’ll be training once a week in a supervised environment. You might ask: “But in summer I train twice a week at school and once a week privately, so I’m practicing three times more in the summer?”. It is true that you’ll be playing more cricket in summer but it doesn’t mean you’ll be making improvements as quickly as you would in winter for the following reasons:

  1. Your winter training is supervised and controlled.
  2. During summer you’ll have one supervised and controlled session at the Academy but we all go back to our default when put under pressure in nets at school and in matches. So we are essentially continuing our bad habits in an uncontrolled environment three times a week at school.
  3. Winter training allows news techniques and skills to be worked on and for these new skills to be drilled repeatedly over 20 sessions during the winter months without returning to your default mechanisms.
  4. By the end of winter, new skills and techniques have been drilled sufficiently for them to become your new default mechanism at school nets and in matches.

If you’d like to work on building a sound technique and game plan and enjoy an advantage during the summer then training through the winter months is your best plan of action.

We have limited space available during the winter, so if you’d like to secure your preferred day, time and coach contact us now and book your winter sessions.

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The Academy Team


About Giovanni Colussi

Gio combines 21 years technical experience working with players one on one with powerful coaching tools that deliver accelerated improvements in CONFIDENCE, TECHNIQUE, PERFORMANCE and ENJOYMENT for the players he works with

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